Monday, July 6, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - Headed into Deep Summer!

Hi, all!

I hope you had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!  Ours started out with a Hamilton watch party with the kids on Friday, then continued on Saturday with a (masked) trip to the farmer's market and out to breakfast, then brisket and fresh corn on the cob for supper and then watching the neighborhood fireworks from our front lawn!  All in all, it was a lovely way to celebrate, and we didn't miss the crowds or huge celebration at all.  

And now it's Monday, and time to review last week and look ahead to the new one!  First thing on last week's list was to continue working on the blog hop project, and it's coming along nicely...

This pic was taken after spray basting, then I stay stitched around the whole piece and did some stitch in the ditch on my domestic machine.  Now I've loaded it on the quilt frame and it's ready for some quilt-y love tomorrow.

I was also working on squaring up/blocking the whole cloth piece I will be using for Emmy's annual quilt.  I did that by loading it onto my quilt frame, being sure the the edges were placed at the same place on the two bars.  Then I pulled it taut and spritzed it with water, allowing it to dry in position.  Once it dried, I rolled it up to a new section and repeated the process.  I'm pleased to say that it appears to have squared up nicely!

I didn't take a picture of it, but I've got a large stack of fabrics pulled for Lilli's Harry Potter quilt, AND I managed to find both black and white solids to use in it, despite what appears to be a major shortage around town!

I think I have a plan for Nathanael's quilt, but I also have a back-up idea that will take a lot longer but that I really want to make!  And since I just ordered the pattern, it probably is the way I will go.  Of course, it will be green!

And praise Jesus, I got the pool noodle installed over the attic door frame!  I even tried banging my head on it, and it works really good at bouncing my hard head off without damaging it.  

And it was a mask-making kind of week around my place - a few for a friend who works in a doctor's office, more for a family that realizes they are going to need masks to stay safe these days, and even a couple for a very little guy!

This was the smallest I've ever made a mask, and I was a little worried it would still be too large.  I used my considerable Nana skills to get the little guy to try it on, and I was pleased to see that it fit just fine!

And I tried a new recipe for our Hamilton watch party, originally called Mango Royale, but which I renamed Mango Continental in honor of the day.  I took the original recipe and made it a little bit more keto-friendly - it was a total success!  Basically it's a browned-butter graham cracker crust, topped with a layer of a whipped cream/cream cheese and keto-friendly sweetener mixture. Next comes a layer of mango puree, a sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs, then repeat the whole process.  Totally delicious!!!

And now for this week.  

I need to finish the blog hop project and write a tutorial for it. 

 I'd like to start piecing Lilli's quilt.  I just need to decide which block to start with!  

Now that I've got some head protection in the attic, I need to move some boxes in there so the guest room is not a catch-all for stuff I haven't unpacked yet. 

I want to work in my front flower beds, cleaning out all the weeds and putting down fresh mulch.  It's the wrong time of year to plant flowers, but I can at least get the beds clean and ready for when I can!

So now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Wow! You accomplished a lot! I'm so curious to see your blog hop project. When you mentioned "annual quilt", do you mean you make an annual quilt for your grandchildren? That is so special!

  2. That bee fabric is what I used to make my first mask! Have never seen anyone else have or use it before. I'm working on #6 of 7 Christmas quilts for our adult children. Thought I was using up all my scraps, but they've multiplied somehow! Carol

  3. Wahoo! Even with the holiday, you were able to get some good things done. I was sewing those sawtooth cats but stopped to sew some scrub caps for nurses working in the midst of the pandemic. And praying while I'm sewing!

  4. I've been a quilting maniac and getting a lot finished! I'm also about to begin another mask marathon myself!
    The desert looks delicious!


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