Monday, July 27, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - So Many Projects!

Hi, all!

These Mondays just keep rolling around, don't they?  And they seem to come faster and faster!  But it's time to make another list, and boy do I have stuff to put on it!

Last week my one goal was to finish the commission for thirty see-through masks, and I did, just this afternoon.  I delivered them in batches, so I don't have a picture of them all together, but here's a few of them...

And my husband and I put up a new ceiling fan in my studio, this one with a working light (hallelujah!).  I can run it from my phone, and I also hooked it up to Alexa so I can order her around to run it. It's the little things, isn't it?  Who knew we could get so excited about ordering our appliances around!

And while I may not have had much time to do things in the studio other than make masks this week, my grandson was an awesome helper and cleaned off my design wall!  

And all that mask making generated even more see-through mask requests - I'll be making 8-10 more masks this week, for my grandkids' interpreter and for two other families.  I should be able to finish that tomorrow, with a little luck.

Then it'll be time to get started on a commission t-shirt quilt that the fabric just arrived for!  It should be fairly simple, and once again, I hope to finish it this week.  

And if I finish that, I've got another quilting job - a t-shirt quilt made by a grandmother for her granddaughter, and all she needed was the quilting and binding.  Also another fairly simple job that would be nice to finish this week!

Oooh, I almost forgot, I've got to write the tutorial for the see-through face masks, too.  

I'm looking forward, too - we have a vacation scheduled for the end of August, just one month away!  But that means I need to start thinking about what I want to take with me, sewing-wise.  Since I'm working on the Harry Potter quilt, and want to also make this totally adorable dinosaur quilt for Nathanael...

...except in greens, of course!  But both quilts take a lot of cutting, so I may start cutting the blocks and putting the pieces in zip loc bags in preparation for vacation.  That way I can be starting to get ready for vacation AND working on their annual quilts!  

So that's what my week looks like - plenty to keep me busy, plus I get to have some fun time with the grands, too!

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. This week? Three different UFOs. Progress is SEW good! :o))

  2. Lots of projects on your list this week. I really love that dinosaur quilt. Where did you buy the pattern?

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  4. got my vacation sewing all together and ready to go...goes in the suitcase first you

  5. Do you use fusable interfacing on the t-shirts for your quilts? I'm having a hard time getting any in FL or SC, or online. I usually get it by the bolt. Any tips?

    1. I use a woven fusible interfacing made by June Tailor in my t-shirt quilts. I have had a hard time finding it, but ordered some from Joann's recently. I used to purchase it from Amazon - they had the best price - but lately they haven't had it in stock. That particular product comes in a 60x72" sheet, so there's less waste.

  6. The dinosaur quilt looks great, Nathaniel will love it. How nice you guys get to take a vacation every year. Hope you can relax. Happy stitching!

  7. so nice that there are mask patterns for the hearing impaired - I will make sure to share your pattern with my daughter who knows some people who might just need that!

  8. Your lists always provide so much inspiration! I'm working on a new project, the Village quilt pattern. I'm currently making houses in every color from my scrap bins.

  9. That dinosaur quilt is really tempting, but I have committed to clean, sort, and rearrange the quilt room AND the fabric! Quite a task, but yesterday I folded almost all my big pieces of fabric on comic boards! What a great difference!

  10. My basement longarm studio is finally done, so you know what I will be working on. I am looking forward to your mask tutorial as I will make some for some preschool teachers.

  11. Fantastic accomplishment with that large face mask order! What a great idea; no wonder more people want them.
    Quilting even on vacation? It's why I took up knitting so I could do something with my hands while away from the house! lol

  12. Boy, you wailed on that list! Great job! The masks look so well made and effective for their purpose. You will deserve that vacation and let's pray the world is in a bit better shape by the time for it.

  13. Will you please provide the name of the quilt designer or a link? Thank you!

  14. You get so much done and are so generous...have a great week.

  15. I am looking forward to your tutorial for the facemask. My daughter is a teacher and has requested some.


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