Monday, January 11, 2021

Make-A-List Monday - What a Week!

Hi, all!

Well, it has been a week, hasn't it?  I have to say that most of my plans went out the window and I indulged in comfort sewing in response.  Isn't it wonderful that we have that option?  Sewing was definitely my therapy this week.  So let's see just how that week went....

1.  Put all the Christmas decorations back in the attic. 

Done!  All tucked away for another year...

Surprise! There really was a bed under there!

2.  Work on quilting some charity quilts.  

Didn't get to this.

3.  Contact potential H2H charities and sponsors.

Didn't get to this either, although I have added some new potential sponsors to my mental list.

4.  Work on the third quilt prototype for String Therapy.

Done!  I finished this top, which I named Georgia On My Mind...

And then I jumped right in and made this one!

And when I finished that one, I started this...

Told you I was doing comfort sewing last week!

5.  Contact some potential commission customers.

Done, and I even met with one who wants three memory quilts and two t-shirt quilts!  So now I have piles and piles of shirts in my studio awaiting the starting gun...

6.  Decide on colors/fabric for the Boho Heart quilt-along!  

Honestly, I haven't given this much more thought this week. I'm still leaning toward the Grunge bundle, though!

So while I didn't get everything done on my list, I did do a whole lot of sewing - at least I was productive!  I'm hoping to be a little more focused this week, although I'm not promising anything.  If things continue as they have been for the past week, it may be back to sewing!  But here's my list...

1.  Keeping working on the fifth String Therapy prototype.

2.  Write up estimates for the commission quilts.

3.  Contact potential H2H sponsors and charities.

4.  Quilt some tops for the quilt ministry.

5.  Start writing the String Therapy tutorials

6.  Update the H2H Page on my blog.

Here's hoping things start calming down this week - but if they don't, I've got plenty of scraps to keep me busy with comfort sewing!

Does anyone else feel like this?

And now, I really want to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. yes the US has gone crazy and I'm wondering when or if it will go back to normal - thank heavens for fabric and creativity

  2. I can't believe how many string quilts tops you pulled off! Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful string projects Sarah! I haven't spent much time in my sewing room because I'm having trouble concentrating... hopefully this week will be better :-)

  4. Wonderful Sarah! I've been working on quilting tops for the Linus project. I have about 8 more to go! I'm looking forward to the string string boxes are growing!

  5. I've been watching de-cluttering videos on YouTube and cleaning my house out. My DH is thinking I'm going over board. He has no idea how much junk we don't need! But he may be right in that I'm trying to control at least MY world as I'm pretty anxious about the one we live in. So I'm cleaning and praying! Hoping no one else has to die over these sad politics.

  6. Comfort sewing - exactly! (I had to rage on my blog a little.) Both of the tops you finished are so pretty.


  7. Comfort sewing is good therapy and makes you feel so much better. I really love the second quilt Sarah.


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