Wednesday, January 27, 2021

I May Have A Scrap Problem... And I Bet You Do Too!


Hi, all!

It has been a busy busy week here, and only promises to get busier!  I'm working on three memory quilts, and the customer has also commissioned two t-shirt quilts after that; another customer wants one t-shirt quilt by late February; and I just got another commission for two t-shirt quilts by April and June.  Whew!  All that on top of doing the administrative work for this year's Hands2Help Challenge and prepping for this year's tutorial series, String Therapy.  

All that to say, this week I am tapped out as far as scrappy sewing.  Of course, if memory quilts qualify, I'm up to my eyeballs in it...

I have the blocks done for all three, and one laid out on the design wall and ready to assemble.  Hooray for progress!  

And now I have a request!  As part of getting ready for Hands2Help, I arrange for guest bloggers to post on my blog during the Challenge.  I have four people who have volunteered, but I still need two more.  Guest blogging is easy - the choice of topic is up to you!  You could write about why you quilt, show off your sewing studio, share a tutorial or give out some great tips - almost anything goes.  So - anyone out there interested in being a guest blogger?  

One more thing, too - I'm in the process of contacting companies for giveaway items for the people who participate.  We have LOTS of participants each year, so this is a big job.  I try to expand the pool of donors every year, which was much easier when I went to QuiltCon and could make personal contacts.  So - if you have an in or a contact with a quilt-related business that might be interested in helping out, could you please contact me directly at salliesue57 (at) gmail (dot) com?  If it's one I haven't already contacted and you are willing to share the info or contact them yourself, that would be really helpful.

Thanks for the help, and I'll try to have something more substantial next week!

My scraps are feeling neglected, but I have big plans for them....




  1. That's a beautiful memory quilt! I can see why you are so busy with commission quilts. Well done!

  2. You must sew WAY faster than I do, Sarah! I'm lucky if I can get 8 commission jobs done in a year's time. I can't imagine trying to get 8 finished between now and June!! Best of luck with them. Off to drop you an email...

  3. Wow, you have been busy!! Hopefully Virtual Retreat will help move projects along.

  4. Your design wall quilt is gorgeous!! Here's to a breather today!! Take a moment ;-)

  5. Great job on the new scrap quilt--so very pretty!

  6. Have you checked with Pineapple Fabrics in Archdale, NC?

    1. Pineapple Fabrics was a sponsor in 2019, so I have already sent an email off to them. But thanks for the idea!

  7. If you need me as a guest blogger, I can do it. I am not sure what you would want me to present. The memory quilt blue looks terrific.

  8. You may be full up, but I would happily blog...let me know or keep me as a back up if someone "comes down with something".

  9. I've never seen a memory quilt like this one - it is gorgeous!

  10. And that one's together now! You are going to be very busy this next few months.


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