Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Christmas Creativity Recap!

Hi, all!

I wanted to take a few minutes to share all of the goodies I made this year for Christmas gifts - some of them have appeared in my blog, either in full or in teaser form; some of them haven't shown up before at all.  Just bear with me if you've seen some of these before!!

First of all, the quilts!

Here's Lilli's quilt....

Lilli's Dr. Seuss quilt!

A close-up of the quilting...
...and the back!

And what little girl's room is complete without a doll quilt?

Made using Crazy Quilt Mom's Ticker Tape pattern!

Crazy Quilt Mom deserves the design credit for these two quilts; the big one is her Fair & Square design, and the doll quilt is the Ticker Tape design!

And here's my sister's quilt...

The front of Stained Glass....

....the back....
...and the artsy roll-up shot!

The fabulous Karrie Lyne deserves the design credit for this beauty - it's her Autumn Strings design.  There's a tutorial here so you can make your own!!

Next is Karen's quilt....

In Winter Snows (front)

A close-up of the quilting...

And the back!

This quilt is my own variation of a disappearing nine-patch; I'll probably post a tutorial on it someday soon!

Next, the pillows!

This one is for my niece, Heather....

Beautiful Saffron Craig fabrics!!

And this one is for my niece, Rachel!

Organic colors and prints for my organic girl!
I've named the pattern these two tops are made by "Fractured Fibonacci" - they are made using the Fibonacci sequence (1-2-3-5-8-13.......)  I'll probably do a tutorial on these later, too, if there's any interest!

And last but not least, some miscellaneous craft things...

The journal cover I made for a friend....

A pieced journal cover for a graph paper notebook....

The page markers I customized to match the cover!
And the stacks of mug rugs I've made.....

And last but not least, this little cutie!!

So that's what I made for Christmas gifts this year!  It sure was fun, but next year I'm going to try to get started on all my gift sewing before Thanksgiving - yeah, yeah, I know we all say that, don't we??  But I can always hope I'll actually do it!!

Have you made any brash promises about next year's Christmas sewing??




  1. beautiful stuff! Too bad you didn't have your new machine before you made all this! :) ;)

  2. What a lovely collection of quilty gifts. Lucky recipients!

  3. Wow! You have done well! Love the quilts!

  4. You've been busy! I especially love that pillow from the Saffron Craig fabric.

  5. So many great things!! It must be neat to see the long list of pictures like that. My son is into the Fibonnaci numbers, so he thinks it's fun that you can use it for quilting,knitting, etc.

    I've made no promises for next year! I learned last year to stop trying to make a bunch of handmade gift, and this year was so much less stressful because of it. I did make a gift or two, but it was only because I wanted to, not because I'd made myself do it. Worked much better for me!

  6. Wow, you really knocked it out of the park with the Christmas sewing, Sarah! (And did you ever sleep?) Everything turned out so nicely. Love the In Winter Snows quilt (and you had snow!). Tutorials would be appreciated, if you can find the time.

  7. You have many beautiful finishes to be very proud of, Sarah! I love a great wrap up of the year, and may your next one be happy. :-}pokey

  8. What wonderful gifts. I really love the Christmas quilt and can't wait for your tutorial. Really enjoy your blog. Bonnie in Iowa

  9. What gorgeous finishes! I love everything!

  10. They are lovely. I am inspired! Can't wait to get busy.

  11. Beautiful finishes. I really love that Christmas quilt. Happy New Year!!!

  12. I sure wish I WAS ON YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT LIST ! they are all beautiful !


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