Friday, December 31, 2010

A look back at 2010....

Hi, all!

I have really been enjoying looking at everyone's year in review mosaics!  Seeing everyone's lovely mosaics of projects made me want to put one together myself - Lesly over at Pickle Dish was kind enough to share a link for a program that does them, so here is my year in review!

First of all, here are just some of the projects that we finished for our quilt ministry in 2010.... (FYI I made some, but not all of these quilts - lots of them, particularly toward the end of the year, were made in part or in whole by other members of the ministry!)

1. Field of Dreams, 2. Quilts For Kids!, 3. Q4K quilt, 4. Scrappy Quilt for Ireland, 5. Ballerina Love, 6. A Bird In The Hand, 7. Woobie!, 8. Dinosaurs On My Bed, 9. Country Cream, 10. Country Bow Ties, 11. Giraffe Love, 12. Grapevine, 13. Lawson Sister Quilt, 14. Pretty Pastels, 15. Rose Garden (front), 16. Summer Oranges, 17. Kites In The Air, 18. Sparkle Plenty front, 19. Amazed Detail, 20. Caribbean Reflections front, 21. Disappearing 9's (Norris), 22. Flannel Quilt (Streeter), 23. cars baby quilt, 24. Peaceful Paisley, 25. Bayou Dreams Front

1. Thoroughly Modern Millie front, 2. Autumn Days (front), 3. Falling Leaves (Beaty), 4. Baby girl quilt, 5. Baby boy quilt, 6. Flannel Quilt (Price), 7. Not Your Grandmother's Flower Garden, 8. Welcome Home arty, 9. Flannel Quilt (Roberts), 10. Flannel Quilt (Sylve), 11. Garden Stroll front, 12. 1027001424, 13. Fair&Square Artsy 2, 14. Nancy Fricke quilt, 15. Flannel Quilt (Bates), 16. Dr. Seuss front, 17. Cool Greens arty, 18. Renegade Star (Hill), 19. Tisket Tasket, 20. Redux Coins (McKenna), 21. Meghan's quilt 003, 22. Pink & Chocolate (Sowell), 23. Modern Love (House), 24. Square In A Square (Culbert), 25. Two Kids' Quilts

And here are some of the quilts and quilty things that I finished that weren't tied to the quilt ministry!

1. Stained Glass front, 2. Stained Glass back, 3. In Winter Snow 1, 4. In Winter Snow back, 5. Fractured Fibonacci 2, 6. Fractured Fibonacci 1, 7. Ticker Tape Mini Quilt, 8. Seussical front, 9. Seussical back, 10. Seussical closeup, 11. Sail On 1, 12. Corina 3, 13. Even Owls Blush, 14. Even Owls Blush (back), 15. Serendipity, 16. Northwest Passage, 17. It's All About The Math, 18. It's All About The Math - back, 19. Summer Wreaths, 20. Summer Wreaths - back, 21. Springtime Susies 1, 22. Memories of Maui, 23. Auction Quilts, 24. Chocolate On My Mind, 25. Breakout Butterflies 1

(I'm having a hard time getting the flickr links for the photos to go on properly - when I figure it out, I'll add them!)

Whew!  It's a lot when you look at it like that, isn't it?  I'll have to say I've learned a lot about quilting this year, for sure!  I can't wait to see what next year's mosaic will look like.........

Happy New Year!


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  1. Great, great work, Sarah! Especially when you consider how many people those quilts touch...well, it's just awesome!! You inspire me!! Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!
    Mary Lou

  2. You must have the greatest feeling of accomplishment, look at all those beautiful things your quilt ministry have made! Just think of all the lives you have blessed!
    Happy New Year, Sarah!

  3. Wow - you were busy this year! Way to go with all of your finishes.

  4. Sarah: I love the journal covered notebook of graph paper. Did you make it from a tutuorial and where did you purchase the notebook? Thanks.

  5. Can you share the program that does the mosaic? I'm not computer savvy at all, but I'd like to try it sometime.

  6. there are some real reasons to be proud!

  7. Awesome! Each quilt has touched so many lives. And thanks to your sweet hubby, you may have twice as many next year. Happy New Year Sarah!

  8. Happy New Year! Its amazing that you have blessed so many with your ministry and have also made so many beautiful things for yourself! nice year!

  9. Happy New Year ! wow , are you and organized woman ! God bless you and many many more quilts this year !

  10. AWESOME job with all of your quilts this past year!!!


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