Monday, December 27, 2010

Make-A-List Monday #27! Can you believe it's the last week of 2010?

Hi, all!

Can you believe it's already the last week of the year?  This has been a year of enormous change for me - I've gone from being a "finish-challenged" person to one who has finished 40+ quilts this year!  Woohoo!! And it's in large part to you, my faithful blog readers, who keep me accountable - thanks again!  

So let's see how I did on last week's list.....

1.  Make some mermaid dolls.
Done - although Lilli wasn't as thrilled with this as I was - so maybe I'll wait until she asks for one next time!  But I think it came out cute...

2.  Make a house block for Beth's challenge/contest!
Done!  And mailed off, too - now I just hope I win!!

3.  Make a baby girl quilt for the quilt ministry.
Mostly done - I've finished the quilting, just need to bind it up!

4.  Begin designing my ALQS5 quilt.
I've got some ideas rolling around in my head - hopefully one of them will make it into fabric soon!!

So what's on tap for this week?

1.  Finish the baby girl quilt.

2.  Finalize design for the ALQS5 quilt.

3.  Work on UFO #1 for the PhD Challenge.

4.  Choose design and fabric for man's quilt.

I think I'm going to stop there, because I have company this week and may not even get this much done - but it's a start!

So...... what are you going to work on this week?




  1. I don't how much I'll get done with ALL the kids home!! It's mainly cooking and cleaning over here this week. YOu're ambitious!

  2. I've joined the PhD challenge also, so that is on the agenda. Good for you for doing 40+ quilts..that's more than I have done since I started quilting!

  3. I love seeing your list each week and how much you get done! I plan to simply work on getting my craft/sewing room straightened out. We just moved in 2 months ago, and we've been so busy ever since that I've just left that room till last.

  4. That mermaid doll is adorable. I have confidence that you will once again tackle most if not all the things on your list!


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