Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's not really a party until the cops show up!!

Hi, all!!

Today we had Lilli's birthday party.  Lots of adults and kids crammed into my daughter's living room, kitchen and dining room - kids racing around like looney birds, parents talking and eating - just lots of fun!  But I must say, it's really not a party until the cops show up!!  Imagine our surprise when the police showed up at the door!!  Apparently one of the neighbors was frustrated because she had a hard time getting through the street to her house, and called the police to report all the cars parked on the street - neglecting to mention the panel truck delivering a new refrigerator to the house across the street!  We all had a big laugh, including the police officer.....  Unfortunately I couldn't get to a camera in time to get the actual police officer who came to the door, so Barney up there will have to suffice!

On a whole other front, I've decided to participate in Myra's PhD (Projects Half Done) Challenge starting in January.  I'll be committing to finishing six UFO's by June 30th, starting with the Christmas quilt I began last January.  I'm hopeful that committing to one per month, I'll be able to get those beautiful quilts from the partway finished stage to the "on my bed" stage!!  Myra has set up a blog where everyone can post their finishes as they get them done, so it'll be a great place to cheer each other on, and maybe inspire a little friendly competition!  So come join us!!

I'm still trying to finish up some Christmas presents - are you still working hard or having you finished everything?




  1. Good grief!

    I am glad that you had a nice party anyway!

  2. LOL! That'll be a fun story to remind Lilli as she grows up!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! Patience must be wearing a little thin:)

  4. You guys will be talking about this for many years to come!

  5. Wow that neighbor would prompt me to have many, many, many more parties!

  6. LOL! I can the headline now: Police raid pre-schooler's birthday party!

    Cool about joining the PhD Challenge. :-)

  7. Such a great story! Hope that your holidays are going well, I am finally taking a break to get caught up reading blogs!

  8. I so need to join the PhD challenge!
    I'm still wondering if there's anything more I want to make. But I have at least one thing that I need to make that I've already planned. I'm a last minute sort of person!


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