Sunday, December 12, 2010

A little catching up...

Hi, all!

I've been so busy this week, I haven't really had time to post - but when I was looking at pictures on my camera tonight, I realized that I missed posting about a couple of ministry quilts that went out this week.  So this post is to catch up a little bit!

Here's the first quilt - a quilt for a baby scheduled to be born December 15th!  Aren't Christmas babies wonderful?  (I must admit I'm a little prejudiced - my granddaughter will be three this week!)

My friend Pam, a fellow member of the quilt ministry, made this sweet quilt - pink and chocolate brown!  The back is the softest fleece in a beautiful cocoa color and she did organic quilting lines in one direction.  (Sorry about the quality of the picture - even though I took it outside, the lighting was terrible - we've had a string of gray days here!)

The next quilt was donated by my friend Ann, who blogs at Renegade Quilter.  This beauty has been given to a lady suffering from Crohn's Disease - she had surgery recently and has been stuck in the hospital longer than expected due to unforeseen complications.  Hopefully she will be released soon and life can get back to normal for her and her husband!

I love this quilt - the colors are so warm and welcoming.  I think it was my favorite quilt of the four that Ann sent.....  which may be why it is the last one to leave my shelf!  But I just couldn't justify petting it any longer - we had a need!  And it was lovely to have a quilt on hand to fill that need with.  Thanks, Ann!!

So that's part of what I've been working on this week - come back tomorrow to see how I did on my list from last week!




  1. Such cute tiny little feet and hands on that baby quilt! Love the colors of the second one too!

  2. so nice of you to give those lovely quilts away. What a blessing to others!

  3. Great quilts, as usual!
    I'm partial to Christmas babies, too. My second was due on the 24th, but was born on the 21st. So a Winter Solstice baby. I went to church on Christmas Eve, and he was in the manger briefly during the service. Kind of neat to have such a new baby there. Although, I don't think I was really ready to be out and about with a 3 day old baby!

  4. Both quilts are just lovely! I haven't forgotten about digging out the orphan blocks, but it's a bit crazy around here. It might be after Christmas.

  5. Wonderful quilts! I am sure the recipients will be blessed!


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