Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toddlerless Tuesday #14! And it's NOT raining!!!

Hi, all!

Somehow, it just doesn't seem like Tuesday without the rain......NOT!  It was nice to have some sunshine today, so I can show you a picture of the flimsy I put together this morning while Lilli was in preschool...

I was talking to my contact at church this morning, and she mentioned that she needed a quilt for an older gentleman who is in the hospital right now.  Eek!  I've got multiple Christmas presents in progress on my sewing table......   But then I remembered......

Yes, that's my shadow - trying to take a quick pic on a windy day!

This quilt top is partly courtesy of my friend Megan, who sent us blocks from some of her UFO's that she decided she wasn't ever going to finish!  The center is four of those blocks set on point, with some green fabric I picked up at a great sale the other day.  The red outer border came from another blogger, Mary Jo, who sent several huge pieces of fabric for the quilt ministry.   It's so wonderful to be able to pull something together quickly for the ministry, thanks to the generosity of all my fellow quilt bloggers! Especially at Christmastime, having things on hand is a huge help!!  And fortunately, a friend of mine is going to quilt this for me this weekend, so I'll be able to get back to my Christmas projects as soon as I piece together a quickie back.

So that's how I spent my Toddler-less Tuesday - what did you do today?




  1. It's still amazing that you pulled this all together in a morning, Sarah, and it looks so nice!

  2. It's amazing how those orphan blocks can become a wonderful quilt. :-) Speaking of which, I believe I've got some orphans packed away. When I run across them, I'll send them to you. When you get a chance, send me your snail mail address.

  3. More blocks that found a home and made with lots of Sarah love! Wonderful quilt Sarah!

  4. No way - I didn't even recognize those blocks! That center medallion looks awesome!!

  5. Congrats on the quick make. That is so very kind of you! I am sure all your fabric fairy helpers will be glad to hear it went to a good cause.

  6. Way to pull a terrific quilt together.

  7. You are so generous!
    I am still recuperating from my surgery but when I am on the mend...I'm determined to come and meet you!

  8. Beautiful and so quick!

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  9. Very nice work again ; you are an angel , you know ?????? God bless you and all your angel helpers !


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