Monday, December 13, 2010

Make-A-List Monday #25! Can you hear the sleigh bells yet??

Hi, all!

I swear I can hear those sleigh bells sometimes - it seems like Christmas is just rushing upon us so fast!  But I printed out a poster I saw on someone's blog this week that says "Keep Calm and Quilt On" - my new mantra for the week!!  I have managed to get a lot of stuff done this week - not everything on my list but that's not completely my fault - we had some stuff come up this week for the quilt ministry, and I "had" to make a little gift for a friend....

So here's the recap for last week.....

1.  Finish the flimsy for #3 Christmas Gift Quilt!
Finished the flimsy..... here's a pic of all three!

2.  Prepare quilt sandwiches for all three Christmas gift quilts.
I managed to get two of the sandwiches made....

3.  Quilt #3 Christmas Gift Quilt.
Done!  And it's a beauty....

This is "In Winter Snows"...

A closeup of the quilting...

And a shot of the back!
4.  Put hair (and hopefully some clothes!) on Dolly.
Well, she has hair, at least!

5.  Work on #4 Christmas Gift (no, this one's not a quilt!)
This one is done and ready to go in the mail!  Sorry, no pics yet - once it's delivered I'll show you!

6.  Make more mug rugs!!
I only made one more this week, but it was for a special friend of the quilt ministry...
The front (guess which team she cheers for?)

...and the back!

In and amidst doing all this, I also had to put together a quilt for the quilt ministry - I pieced the top from donated blocks and stash fabric, then gave it to another ministry member to do the actual quilting.  Here's the end result...

And I also made a set of mother-and-daughter aprons for a friend of mine who lost a really cute apron after a heated battle at a Dirty Santa party....

So that's what I did last week.  Whew!!  But even good little elves don't get a breather....

Here's my list for this week!

1.  Piece a back for Christmas Gift Quilt #1.

2.  Quilt Christmas Gift Quilt #2.

3.  Make more mug rugs.

4.  Clothes for the naked doll!

3.  Sandwich and quilt Christmas Gift #1.

That's enough for a start - since it'll probably get stuff added to it, just like last week!

And for a shot of humor, I thought I'd show you some pictures of something that got delivered to my house last week....

This was outside my door - I wonder what it is?

Apparently, someone else is checking it out too!

...staking a claim...

...and settling in for a long winter's nap!

Unfortunately, when my husband got home, this box disappeared - and don't think my little elf hasn't asked where it is!!

So - - - what are you working on this week?

Remember - keep calm and quilt on - and remember the reason for the season!  



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  1. Don't you just love those "mysterious" packages that find their way to you this time of year.....

  2. Wow! I just popped over from In Stitches. You are one busy lady! I fell in love with that beautiful quilt "In Winter Snows". Just gorgeous! I'm going to have to come back and see what you get done on your list from this week! ;)

  3. Hi! I love mysterious packages :)
    I was strolling through The Blog Roll from Holly Jolly Bingo Blog and found you. I will have to check your list later in the week. Mine seems to get bigger, never smaller.
    Happy Holidays.

  4. Wow! wish I could get as much done as you do. This silly thing called a job keeps getting in my way and stopping my progress. I called in to work this morning hoping they would tell me to stay at home because of the weather (live in your area)but not only did I have to go to work I had to take inventory outside on the yard. I see you braved the cold and snow for some beautiful pictures of your quilts. I love the Christmas quilt, aprons are cute oh what am I saying I love them all. Too bad I'm not on your Christmas list. Still want to get with you one Saturday.

  5. Isn't the Juki somethnig like a sewing machine,,,??? I'm sewing, crochet and preparing for the christmas which comes like a commet. Loredana.

  6. Sarah you amaze me. In winters snow is beautiful and the aprons and that sweet little Granddaughter of yours. Speaking of snow I went outside with a 12" ruler and it disappeared. Oh well when life gives you snow make lots of snow cream:) Merry Christmas to you and yours

  7. Oh my! I don't know if your list inspires me or makes me tired just reading it! Good for you for getting so much accomplished. Your little elf, by the way, is a real sweetie! I just dropped over from the blog roll on Holly Jolly Bingo. I hope you are having as much fun with it as I am! Good luck in bingo!

  8. I'm hoping to be that productive in a quilty way some day! (Does painting count?)

    Ahh...the Juki. :-)

  9. That Christmas Quilt is lovely! and... that box... wow!!! I will want a full report when Santa and the Elfs get it set up and working... post official delivery .... My machine is groaning when fmq and I have been throwing around hints to my local santa.

  10. Ha!! Lili took a nap on your Juki!! LOL!! Priceless that little one is, priceless :D

  11. I love that Christmas quilt. What a beautiful photo in the snowy woods.

  12. Okay, I'm becoming suspicious that you have cloned yourself. How else are you able to get so much done in a week? ;)

    Beautiful quilts! I love Dolly's new hair too. Hey, we've got matching machines now. I know you are going to make that Juki sing!

  13. I love your stories about your granddaughter and LOVE the photo of her falling asleep on the box containing her gift. My grandaughter only gets to visit about once a year. Sad. But we have a ball! Next time she is going to learn how to piece. Drop by and see all the Red & Green Quilts that I so love at Christmas time!


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