Monday, December 6, 2010

Make-A-List Monday #24! Christmas is just around the corner...

Hi, all!

Monday again, already???  Why does it seem that December flies by so fast?  Oh well, I made good headway on my list last week, and hopefully I'll do the same this week....

So here's the recap for last week......

1.  Complete the flimsy for #1 Christmas gift quilt.

2.  Cut out and complete a pinafore for Lilli's birthday.

3.  Start the flimsy for #2 Christmas gift quilt.
Not only started, but finished! (No pic, because curious eyes are around....)

4.  Make four more mug rugs for gifts.
Done!  But now I need about four more....

5.  Put away newly donated fabric in my sewing studio.
OK, I give up - this is just going to have to wait until after Christmas!

6.  Restring an antique doll for Lilli for Christmas.
Done!  Now all she needs is hair... and clothes...

And here's what's on the list for this week......

1.  Finish the flimsy for #3 Christmas Gift Quilt!

2.  Prepare quilt sandwiches for all three Christmas gift quilts.

3.  Quilt #3 Christmas Gift Quilt.

4.  Put hair (and hopefully some clothes!) on Dolly.

5.  Work on #4 Christmas Gift (no, this one's not a quilt!)

6.  Make more mug rugs!!

There's probably lots more I could add to this list, but I think I'd better stop for now or I'll scare myself!!!

So what are you working on this week?  Do tell!!




  1. LOL I thought it was funny that you wrapped up the doll in a washcloth or towel before you took the photo! I am working on Roll Roll Cotton Boll! Clues 2 and 3. A scrappy quilt for another challenge. Plus still trying to clean the other half of my room out. I haven't been up there in over 2 years, so everyone took over by dumping everything else in there. I don't think I am going to start any Christmas gifts this year, but maybe next year.

  2. LOL! Sarah, your lists terrify me. :-) And every week I am amazed at how much you get accomplished. Whirling dervish comes to mind. ;-)

  3. Great progress on your list!!

    I made two monster dolls and purse so far over the weekend (plus Monday). I still need to stuff one monster and probably make another one for my own son. (Maybe one for each of them) I have four mug rugs and two little girls' purses to make still, but I don't have to get all those done this week. The items that are being shipped out of state are DONE!

    I'm interested to see how you add hair to the doll.

    ~ Meagan


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